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Save $178 when you subscribe the "All Classic Flavours" 36 bottles.

Usual: $576  Subscribe: $398


How Our Subscription Works

• Choose your Kombucha package - All Classic, All Premium, Mixed or Prestige
• We will contact you to choose your favours
• We will send you 6 bottles every alternate week includes free delivery
• Adjust as you go and you may choose different flavours
• You are in complete control

It's an awesome 12 weeks subscription that everyone must try!

Any questions, feel free to whatsapp us OR Insta/FB Messenger, we will be happy to assist you always.


Kimi ALL CLASSIC subscription includes 30 different Kombucha flavours:

Blood Orange (Fight Free-Radical)
Coconut (Refresh)
Yuzu (Anti-Aging)
Ginger Cherry (Energy Rejuvenator)
Ginger Lemon (Detox)
Dragonfruit Lychee (Boost Immunity)
7 Berries (Healthy Eyes)
Passionfruit (Relax)
Blueberry (Healthy Bone)
Green Apple (Improve Blood Flow)
Hojicha (Boost Metabolism)
Lemon (Super C)
Mint (Improve Energy)
Strawberry (Cancer Guard)
Peach (Reduce Wrinkles)
Raspberry (Healthy Heart)
Earl Grey (Relieve Indigestion)
Kiwifruit-Mint (Boost Potency)
Strawberry Mango (Anti-Cancer)
Strawberry Peach (Fight Cancer)
Blackberry Apple (Healthy Brain)
Raspberry Longan (Sleep Aid)
• Blackcurrant (Brain)
Lychee Rose (Antioxidant)
Tangerine Cinnamon (Fight Inflammation)
Chamomile Citrus (Rejuvenating Skin)
Wine Grapes (Cleanse)
Pomegranate (Healthy Skin)
Pineapple (Joint)
Red Dates (Blood Circulation)


Kimi All Classic subscription Kombucha

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