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Kimi INTENSE Kombucha Kombucha is packed with billion of probiotic bacteria that aid digestion, which in turn speeds fat-burning. A study has shown that Kombucha is capable of helping you lose weight and maintain your health.

Kimi INTENSE Kombucha contains catechin, an antioxidants that helps you in losing weight. The catechins found in Kombucha is responsible for boosting your metabolism as well as increasing the fats you burn.

Drinking Kimi INTENSE Kombucha not only helps with weight loss, it's an antioxidant-rich beverage that help you in slowing down aging and giving you energy for everyday activity.

Contents: Aged Kombucha with live probiotics, natural fibre, fruit enzymes, organic spices, herbs, Vitamin B and C.



• Drink 1 bottle (250ml) per day. Allow the live culture to work in your gut for at least 6-10 hours (every person varies) to take effect. In the beginning stage ot this intense detoxing program, it's normal to experience 1-3 times of soft texture stools (not loose nor tummy discomfort). In the days of heavy meals intake, you can take up to 2 bottles.
• The content may get crystallized when stored longer, and you are advised to stir them up with a spoon and consume everything.
• You should see immediate result after 3-5 days of consumption. Then continue for at least 2 months to achieve desired result. You may then reduce to comsume every 2-3 days as maintenance. However, there's no harm at all to drink daily as this an all natural, healthy, probiotic beverage with no side effect.

Storage and expiry date:

• Keep refrigerated.
• To drink at room temperature, take out from the fridge 1/2 hour before consuming.
• Discard unused content 4 weeks upon receipt.


Weight Loss Kombucha Kimi Intense



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