Kimikombucha produces three ranges of 37 differently flavored Kombucha drinks, including the new innovative Cocktail and Caffeine-Free Kombucha.

Kimi CLASSIC includes 19 different Kombucha flavours:

• Yuzu (Anti-Aging)
Ginger Cherry (Energy Rejuvenator)
• Ginger Lemon (Detox)
Kiwifruit Mint (Boost Potency)
• Dragonfruit Lychee (Boost Immunity)
• 7 Berries (Healthy Eyes)
• Passionfruit (Relax)
• Earl Grey (Digestion)
• Strawberry Mango (Fight Cancer)
• Blackberry Apple (Healthy Brain)
• Raspberry Longan (Sleep Aid)
• Rose (Skin Complexion)
• Lychee Rose (Antioxidant)
• Tangerine Cinnamon (Fight Inflammation)
• Chamomile Citrus (Rejuvenating Skin)
• Wine Grapes (Cleanse)
• Pomegranate (Healthy Skin)
• Pineapple (Joint)
• Red Dates (Blood)

Kimi PREMIUM includes 3 different Kombucha flavours:

Slimming Formula
Honeysuckle Pea (Caffeine-Free)
Hibiscus (Caffeine-Free)

Kimi HONEY includes 6 different Kombucha flavours:

Honey Apple-Mint
• Honey Rose
• Honey Garden
• Honey Ginger-Lemon
• Honey Lemongrass
• Honey Lavender

Kimi COCKTAIL includes 9 different Kombucha flavours:

• Choya Japanese Plum
• Singapore Sling
• Gin Lime
• Mojito
• Lychee Martini
• Screwdriver
• Campari Grapefruit
• Pina Colada
• Amaretto Almond

You can always taste the difference between something that has been made using fresh fruit as opposed to a flavouring, so those things are what makes it nice and enjoyable to drink.

No Preservatives • No Artificial Colours • No Artificial Flavours • No Sweeteners

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