Kimikombucha produces five ranges of 64 differently flavored Kombucha drinks, including the new innovative Cocktail, Caffeine-Free and Bird's Nest Kombucha.

Kimi CLASSIC includes 31 different Kombucha flavours:

Blood Orange (Fight Free-Radical)
Coconut (Refresh)
Yuzu (Anti-Aging)
Mango (Skin Repair)
Ginger Cherry (Energy Rejuvenator)
Ginger Lemon (Detox)
Dragonfruit Lychee (Boost Immunity)
7 Berries (Healthy Eyes)
Passionfruit (Relax)
Blueberry (Healthy Bone)
Green Apple (Improve Blood Flow)
Hojicha (Boost Metabolism)
Lemon (Super C)
Mint (Improve Energy)
Strawberry (Cancer Guard)
Peach (Reduce Wrinkles)
Raspberry (Healthy Heart)
Earl Grey (Relieve Indigestion)
Kiwifruit-Mint (Boost Potency)
Strawberry Mango (Anti-Cancer)
Strawberry Peach (Fight Cancer)
Blackberry Apple (Healthy Brain)
Raspberry Longan (Sleep Aid)
• Blackcurrant (Brain)
Lychee Rose (Antioxidant)
Tangerine Cinnamon (Fight Inflammation)
Chamomile Citrus (Rejuvenating Skin)
Wine Grapes (Cleanse)
Pomegranate (Healthy Skin)
Pineapple (Joint)
Red Dates (Blood Circulation)

Kimi PREMIUM includes 9 different Kombucha flavours:

Slimming Formula
SeniorCare (Vital Health)
Ginseng (Longevity)
Piccadilly Tomato (Skin Health)

Hibiscus (BOG)
Hibiscus Strawberry-Raspberry (BSR)
Hibiscus Lemonade (BLN)
Hibiscus Turmeric Citrus (BTM)
Hibiscus Hawthorn (BHT)

Kimi HONEY includes 12 different Kombucha flavours:

Honey Turmeric (Relieve Arthritis)
Honey Apple-Mint (Brain Booster)
Honey Rose (Flawless Skin)
Honey Chamomile (Radiant Skin)
Honey Garden (Weight Loss)
Honey Ginger-Lemon (Reduce Blood Pressure)
Honey Lychee-Mango (Strengthen Skin)
Honey Plum (Healthy Heart)
Honey Pineapple-Peach (Younger Skin)
Honey SuperBerries (Protect Eyes)
Honey Lemongrass (Reduce Cholesterol)
Honey Lavender (Stress Relief)

Kimi COCKTAIL includes 7 different Kombucha flavours:

• Choya Japanese Plum
• Gin Lime
• Mojito
• Lychee Martini
• Screwdriver
• Campari Grapefruit
• Pina Colada

Kimi PRESTIGE includes 4 different Birdnest Kombucha flavours:

Almond Golden Birdnest
Honey Golden Birdnest
Ginseng Golden Birdnest
Rose Golden Birdnest

Kimi Milk Kombucha includes 7 different flavours:

Almond Banana
Almond Rose

You can always taste the difference between something that has been made using fresh fruit as opposed to a flavouring, so those things are what makes it nice and enjoyable to drink.

No Preservatives • No Artificial Colours • No Artificial Flavours • No Sweeteners

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